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Demetrius Andrade's Uncertain Path to Canelo Fight After Benavidez Battle

Demetrius Andrade faces uncertainty about whether Canelo Alvarez will agree to fight him even if he beats David Benavidez on November 25th. Canelo’s team has been cautious since his loss to Dmitry Bivol last year, choosing middle-of-the-road opponents to secure easy wins. The possibility of a Canelo-Andrade fight seems unlikely, as Canelo prefers lucrative, low-risk matches.

Andrade shared his skepticism in an interview, expressing his frustration with Canelo’s selective opponents. Despite his Olympic background and world champion status, Andrade believes that the fight with Benavidez may not secure a match against Canelo. The boxing world has witnessed Andrade’s efforts to secure significant fights, but top fighters have consistently avoided him, impacting his career trajectory.

Although Canelo’s team hasn’t confirmed their next opponent, they are eyeing Jaime Munguia and a potential rematch with David Benavidez. Both options are seen as easier fights for Canelo, securing his financial gains.

Andrade’s struggle to secure marquee fights has continued throughout his career, even when he moved up in weight classes. His unique boxing style and skills make him a challenging opponent, deterring potential foes from facing him. The elusive fight with Canelo remains uncertain, and Andrade faces the ongoing challenge of convincing the higher-ups to make it a reality.

The path to securing the Canelo fight remains complex and uncertain for Demetrius Andrade, despite his impressive credentials and skills.

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