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Demetrius Andrade Challenges Canelo's Super Middleweight Reign

While many consider Canelo Alvarez the best fighter in the super middleweight division due to his ability to collect all the world titles at 168 pounds, Demetrius Andrade strongly disagrees. Andrade questions the validity of Canelo’s claim to greatness, particularly after his recent victory over Jermell Charlo, the former undisputed champion at 154 pounds.

Andrade highlights Canelo’s win over Charlo as evidence that the Mexican superstar may not be as invincible as some believe. He points out that Charlo had never fought above the junior middleweight limit, and therefore, Canelo’s praises should be tempered.

Canelo’s convincing victory over Charlo, who had long boasted of his ability to defeat Canelo, seems to have fueled Andrade’s doubts about Canelo’s status as the best super middleweight. Andrade is scheduled to face David Benavidez on November 25, a bout he has eagerly awaited. He sees Benavidez as an elite-level opponent and believes that Canelo would not have the courage to move up two weight classes to fight someone of Benavidez’s or his own caliber.

Andrade is confident that no fighter at 154 pounds would willingly step up to fight either him or David Benavidez, underscoring the challenges of facing larger opponents. As he prepares for the biggest fight of his career, Andrade uses this opportunity to challenge the notion of Canelo’s supremacy in the super middleweight division.

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