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Canelo Alvarez is making headlines once again in the boxing world, this time for his unwavering stance on the hefty price tag he’s set for a potential bout against David Benavidez. Benavidez, who has been vocal about wanting to face Alvarez in the ring, found himself at the receiving end of Canelo’s sharp retorts after offering a guaranteed $55 million for the fight.

Alvarez minced no words, dismissing Benavidez’s offer and questioning his worthiness as an opponent. In response to Benavidez’s claim of offering $55 million, Alvarez fired back, “Who is he to offer me money?… He brings nothing to the table for me, just 25lbs more on fight night.”

The Mexican superstar didn’t stop there. He doubled down on his demand for a staggering $150-$200 million payout, emphasizing that it’s the only condition under which he would consider stepping into the ring with Benavidez. Unfazed by the mounting pressure and backlash, Canelo remained resolute in his stance.

Fans and pundits alike have been divided over Alvarez’s stance, with some applauding his commitment to securing what he believes he’s worth, while others criticize him for being too demanding. Regardless, Canelo shows no signs of backing down from his position.

The boxing world eagerly awaits to see how this saga unfolds, with the tension between Alvarez and Benavidez only adding fuel to the fire of anticipation.

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