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David Benavidez Eyes Unification and Potential Fight with David Morell

David Benavidez, the highly regarded super middleweight champion, has his sights set on becoming an undisputed champion in the 168-pound division. While a bout with Canelo Alvarez is a tantalizing possibility, Benavidez is keeping his options open. In a recent statement, he revealed his intention to unify all four major belts in the super middleweight class before making his exit from the division.

Benavidez’s primary target is a showdown with Canelo, one of the sport’s biggest stars. However, in the unpredictable world of boxing, he understands that this fight may not materialize. In such a scenario, Benavidez has an intriguing alternative in mind. He has expressed his eagerness to face David Morell, another rising star in the super middleweight division.

A clash between Benavidez and Morell has the potential to be a thrilling encounter, captivating fans and the boxing world alike. It represents the kind of match-up that truly excites fight enthusiasts.

Ultimately, Benavidez’s goal is to hold all four major titles in the 168-pound division, solidifying his status as the undisputed champion. This ambitious aspiration underscores his commitment to leaving a lasting legacy in the sport of boxing.

While the boxing landscape is rife with uncertainties, one thing is clear: David Benavidez is determined to make his mark as a dominant force in the super middleweight division, whether it’s through a blockbuster bout with Canelo or a potential clash with David Morell. Fight fans will be eagerly waiting to see which path Benavidez’s career takes as he pursues his ultimate goal.

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