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David Benavidez Challenges Canelo Alvarez But Accuses Him of Avoidance"

David Benavidez, the undefeated super middleweight, has thrown down the gauntlet, claiming he was willing to accept a reduced purse of $5 million for a showdown with Canelo Alvarez. The goal was clear – to vie for the super middleweight undisputed championship by facing the Mexican superstar. However, Benavidez alleges that Canelo never had any intentions of stepping into the ring with him, leaving him disillusioned.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Benavidez expressed his frustration, pointing to Canelo’s departure from Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) as a sign that the fight was never in the cards. Despite Benavidez’s readiness to take a reduced purse, the financial dynamics of the deal might not have aligned, potentially contributing to Canelo’s reluctance.

The reason why this fight is not happening is because Canelo doesn’t want it to happen, plain and simple,” Benavidez asserted. He interprets Canelo’s move away from PBC as a strategic avoidance of their potential clash. While Benavidez claims he won’t be waiting for Canelo any longer, he leaves the door open for a return to super middleweight after testing the waters in the 175-pound division.

Whether Benavidez’s approach to apply pressure on Canelo will yield results remains uncertain, given their history of failed negotiations. The super middleweight sensation seems determined to make a mark in the light heavyweight division, signaling a shift in focus.

As the boxing world awaits Canelo’s next move, Benavidez’s accusations add fuel to the speculation surrounding the elusive matchup. Will the two ever cross paths in the ring, or is Benavidez destined to forge a new legacy in the light heavyweight ranks?

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