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Daniel Dubois KO'D Oleksandr Usyk in Round 5 of Usyk vs Dubois Fight? - A Low Blow Controver

In the Usyk vs Dubois world title clash between British boxer Daniel Dubois and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, the Usyk vs Dubois fight’s outcome has sparked intense debate in the boxing community. The controversy primarily revolves around an incident in round five when Dubois seemed to have significantly hurt Usyk with a body shot. Instead of being counted as a successful hit, the referee ruled it as a low blow, granting Usyk additional time to recover.

Many, including Dubois himself, believed the shot was legitimate. Upon watching the replay, it appeared the punch might have landed right on the belt line, challenging the referee’s earlier decision.

“I don’t think that was a low blow. I think that landed, and I’ve been cheated out of victory tonight. What else can I say?”

Dubois commented during his post-fight interview, clearly frustrated with the turn of events.

Frank Warren, Dubois’ promoter, was equally incensed, stating he would appeal the fight’s result. In his conversation with talkSPORT, Warren asserted:

“He won that, if he had been allowed to carry on, he would have won. We will appeal this. It’s a liberty.” This sentiment was echoed by Dubois’ coach, Don Charles, who felt they were “conned out of that.”

The debate over the so-called “low-blow” shot has been the dominant talking point since the fight. When the incident occurred in the fifth round, Usyk seemed to struggle significantly, taking more than three minutes to gather himself and return to the ring. This delay allowed him to regain his rhythm, further igniting the debate over whether the extended recovery period affected the fight’s outcome.

While Usyk managed to retain his unified WBA, WBO, and IBF world titles, the narrative has been overshadowed by the round five controversy. The overall performance showcased both boxers’ skills and resilience, with Dubois displaying significant heart and determination.

Despite Usyk’s victory, the low blow debate has left a cloud over the result, fueling discussions and disagreements in the boxing community. As the aftermath unfolds, many await the decision on the appeal and how it might impact future bouts. The controversy ensures that this fight will be remembered not just for the skills displayed in the ring but for the intense debates outside of it.

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