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Curmel Moton Boxing's Rising Star Aims to Emulate Mayweather's Legacy

Seventeen-year-old Curmel Moton stepped into the spotlight at T-Mobile Arena, exuding confidence adorned in black “TMT” gear, flanked by his idol and mentor, Floyd Mayweather. With a gold WBC medallion around his neck, he confidently addressed the reporters after a spectacular first-round stoppage in his professional debut.

Moton, hailed as one of boxing’s most promising talents, boasts an impressive amateur record of 144-6 and 18 national championships, all under the wing of Mayweather. Embracing the nickname “The Big Deal,” he’s a sensation on Instagram with over 390,000 followers, but it’s his electrifying skills in the ring that truly captivate audiences.

This young featherweight, backed by Mayweather Promotions, gears up for another bout at the Michelob Ultra Arena, eagerly seeking to emulate the pound-for-pound greatness of his mentor. Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, expresses unwavering support, affirming that Moton’s dedication and immersion in boxing since childhood have positioned him for greatness.

Moton’s journey into boxing was written in the stars. His father, a former fighter, uprooted their lives to Las Vegas when Moton was just five, ensuring his son’s full immersion in the sport. Meeting Mayweather at eight years old marked the start of a mentorship that saw him practicing alongside boxing legends Floyd Sr. and the late Roger Mayweather.

For Moton, boxing isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life. From TikTok’s whimsical dance videos to his earnest dedication in the ring, he embodies the duality of youthful exuberance and the ruthless precision demanded by prizefighting.

Reflecting on his childhood passion for fighting and studying boxing legends since he was a toddler, Moton expresses, “It’s my life.” Mayweather echoes this sentiment, recognizing his younger self in Moton’s enthusiasm, dedication, and exceptional skills, confidently declaring his destined path to becoming a world champion.

In Moton’s story, there’s an undeniable thrill—a young prodigy emerging from Mayweather’s tutelage, poised to carve his own legacy in the annals of boxing history. As he steps into the ring once more, all eyes are on Curmel Moton, the rising star eager to etch his name among the sport’s elite.

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