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Crawford Reveals His Next Opponent - Aiming Three division Undisputed Glory!

Terence Crawford, the undisputed boxing champion, spoke with TMZ Sports today about his latest triumph and prospective opponents. Although the boxing world views Crawford’s last victory as a dominant, effortless victory, the champion retains a modest demeanour. He stated:

“I don’t feel any different than yesterday to be honest. I’ve got a lot of people hitting me up but at the same time, the way I feel is no different than yesterday.

“The fight is never easy, no matter how it looks to the general public. The fight is won in the gym, that’s where the hard part goes on. This fight was extremely hard, and I went through a lot of pain and suffering to get to that point.”

During the debate, the topic of ‘who’s next’ naturally came up, with conjecture about future rematches and new opponents. Crawford’s contract requires him to fulfil certain commitments, including agreeing to a rematch if it is in his best interests. In reaction to this, he said:

“That’s my obligation in the contract and I have to honor that. I want to thank Errol Spence, because without him really wanting to fight and doing what he can do, along with me to get this fight done, we wouldn’t be fighting.

“I would definitely choose Charlo. It’s a meaningful fight; there’s more history, more on the table.”

Additionally, he put a kneel to the rumors of his potential fight with Canelo:

“Canelo is two, three, even four weight classes above me, depending on which fight you’re talking about. So, to be honest, Canelo doesn’t really interest me because of the size factor.

“Canelo fighting at his weight doesn’t present the right kind of challenge I’m seeking. I’ve been asked this question many times before, and I’ve always had the same answer. I’m firm on my stance.

“I stated and said that I will retire from boxing before I let boxing retire me. I feel as if I haven’t been fully appreciated in the sport of boxing in my career for some time, and I felt like once I retired, that’s where I would get my props.

“That was a dope feeling. Shout out to Eminem for coming out and supporting me and showing me so much love. I never knew he was a big Terence Crawford fan.”

The most interesting part of the discussion, though, was when Crawford explained his life outside of the ring. Specifically, the role of father. When asked about his dedication to his children, he stated:

“No matter what I’m doing in life, I make sure that I’m there for my children.”

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