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Crawford at a Crossroads: Ennis fight crucial If Spence Rematch Fizzles Out

Terence Crawford, often hailed as one of boxing’s pound-for-pound elites, finds himself at a crucial point  in his career. With retirement looming on the horizon, Crawford is eyeing significant paydays, and the name at the forefront of his wish list is none other than the lucrative draw, Canelo Alvarez.

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However, before the fantasy showdown with Canelo can materialize, Crawford must navigate a rematch with Errol Spence Jr. Their initial encounter in 2023 saw Crawford emerge victorious, prompting Spence to activate his immediate rematch clause. While this rematch is anticipated by many, Jaron Ennis, the rising 26-year-old welterweight contender, has been vocal about his desire to face the division’s top talents, particularly Crawford.


Crawford, however, has shown little enthusiasm for a showdown with Ennis, citing the high risk and low reward factor. The sentiment echoes the age-old boxing adage, where fighters are often cautious about facing young, hungry contenders who pose a threat without offering a commensurate financial reward.

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Former champion Antonio Tarver acknowledges Crawford’s perspective but contends that if the Spence rematch doesn’t materialize, Crawford must face Ennis to uphold his status as a champion. In Tarver’s view, the showdown with Ennis is not just an option; it’s a necessity for Crawford’s legacy.

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“The only reason Ennis has to take a backseat is to the rematch of Spence and Crawford,” Tarver emphasized during an appearance on The Porter Way podcast. “If that rematch doesn’t happen, and Crawford still campaigns as the champ, he has to face Ennis.”


As the negotiations and boxing politics unfold, the question remains: Will Terence Crawford opt for the high-stakes gamble against Ennis, a potential rising star in the division, or will he find a way to secure the elusive Canelo payday? The next moves in Crawford’s career will undoubtedly shape the final chapters of his storied boxing journey.


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