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Controversy Erupts Over Quick Stoppage in Vergil Ortiz-Fredrick Lawson Bout!

The first major boxing event of the year in the US has stirred controversy as referee Tony Weeks’ decision to stop the Vergil Ortiz-Fredrick Lawson fight within the first round faced severe criticism. The showdown, headlined by Ortiz’s lightning-quick victory over Lawson, sparked uproar due to the rapid stoppage by Weeks.

Weeks took to social media, revealing that Lawson’s medical clearance had raised concerns. He alleged that a prior brain scan had detected an aneurysm, but subsequent tests provided conflicting results, ultimately clearing Lawson to fight. However, Weeks faced scrutiny for stopping the fight prematurely, citing Lawson’s eyes rolling back during Ortiz’s assault as the reason for the stoppage, despite not being in the ring at the time.

Golden Boy Promotions, the event’s organizer, issued a brief statement refuting Weeks’ recent claims and redirected inquiries to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), affirming Lawson’s clearance by an NSAC-approved doctor.

Ortiz, undefeated with 20 wins, delivered a swift victory in his comeback fight, overwhelming Lawson early in the brief encounter. Lawson, a seasoned fighter with a 30-4 record, succumbed to Ortiz’s assault, prompting the stoppage at 2:33 of the opening round.

The controversy surrounding Weeks isn’t isolated. His prior contentious call in the Rolando Romero-Ismael Barroso fight drew similar backlash. Weeks faced criticism for stopping that bout prematurely, citing concerns about Barroso’s ability to withstand punches due to his age, despite Barroso’s readiness to continue.

Weeks’ actions in high-stakes fights have ignited debates about referee discretion, prompting scrutiny from fans, media, and even boxing authorities. #VergilOrtiz #FredrickLawson #BoxingControversy #RefereeWeeks #BoxingRefs #GoldenBoyPromotions #NSAC

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