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Controversial Coach Aims to Reignite Berlanga's Knockout Power for McCrory Clash"

In a bid to reclaim his devastating knockout prowess, Edgar Berlanga has enlisted the services of strength and conditioning coach Angel “Memo” Heredia ahead of his upcoming bout with Padraig McCrory on February 24.

Berlanga, the 26-year-old Nuyorican, burst onto the scene with an impressive streak of 16 consecutive first-round knockouts but has faced criticism for a lack of early finishes in his recent fights. Now, with the Belfast challenge on the horizon, his team is confident that Heredia’s expertise will bring back the ferocious power that defined Berlanga’s early career.

“We will be working on specific drills to increase power again. He already has the muscle memory. We just have to reactivate it and work on certain things to increase his punching power even more,” stated Heredia, emphasizing his focus on enhancing Berlanga’s punching output.

While McCrory fans may express concerns about Heredia’s past involvement in a doping scandal nearly two decades ago, the coach has since rehabilitated his image. Having worked with notable names like Juan Manuel Marquez and current fighters such as David Benavidez, Yordenis Ugas, and Jerwin Ancajas, Heredia is optimistic about Berlanga’s dedication and progress.

“Edgar takes this very seriously. He is a very hard worker, and I like what I have seen. He knows what’s at stake and what types of fights can be had in the future if he works hard and looks good on February 24,” explained Heredia.

As Berlanga prepares to face McCrory, the question lingers: can he rekindle the explosive power that once made him a sensation in the ring? With Heredia’s guidance, the Nuyorican fighter aims to showcase not only a revived knockout ability but also an improved conditioning that can sustain power throughout all twelve rounds.

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