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Conor McGregor Applauds Dillon Danis

In a recent boxing showdown, Logan Paul emerged victorious through disqualification after MMA sensation Dillon Danis attempted a jiu-jitsu move to tackle his opponent late in the fight. The bout, held in Manchester, stirred significant online backlash, with fans deeming Danis a ‘disgrace to boxing,’ particularly after the event concluded with a chaotic brawl in the ring. Despite the polarizing opinions from supporters, one prominent figure stands firmly in Danis’ corner – none other than UFC’s former featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.

Immediately after the fight, McGregor expressed his “impressed” sentiment regarding Danis’ boxing skills. However, the Irishman has now elevated his endorsement by declaring that he’s “proud” of Danis’ performance. In response, Danis took to social media, sharing his appreciation for McGregor and emphasizing the vital role the former champion has played in his life. McGregor reciprocated the sentiment, lauding Danis for his role in making the event a success and praising his audacity to transition from a four-time jiu-jitsu world champion to professional boxing on the global stage.

Despite a considerable buildup, many viewers were underwhelmed by Danis’ performance against Logan Paul and labeled him an “embarrassment.” Paul dominated the fight with an onslaught of combinations, ultimately concluding when Danis attempted a guillotine takedown.

During the same evening, McGregor threw down the gauntlet to KSI, who had suffered a unanimous decision loss to Tommy Fury following Danis’ match with Paul. McGregor tantalizingly suggested a potential fight with KSI, describing it as an “exciting” prospect, even reminiscing about his days as a plumber and contrasting them with his current status on a luxurious yacht.

This isn’t the first time McGregor has called out KSI, as he had previously exchanged verbal jabs while both were ringside for Anthony Joshua’s victory over Robert Helenius in August.

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