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Conor Benn Sets Sights on Statement Victory Against Peter Dobson"

Conor Benn is gearing up for his first match of 2024, slated against American Peter Dobson in Las Vegas on February 4. The upcoming bout, exclusively broadcast on DAZN, marks Benn’s return to the ring after facing a setback due to an adverse finding in a 2022 drugs test, which led to the cancellation of his scheduled showdown with bitter rival Chris Eubank Jr.

With Dobson presenting a formidable challenge, Benn is determined to make a significant impact this year and showcase his capabilities against some of the world’s top fighters. Expressing confidence ahead of the match, Benn emphasized his readiness to silence doubters and reinforce his standing in the boxing world.

“I’m going to make an example of him. He can do the talking. Talk as much as you want, the outcome will be the same,” stated Benn in an interview with Fight Mag. Drawing a line between delusion and confidence, Benn outlined his approach, emphasizing sheer violence, brutality, and spite.

Confident in his abilities, Benn asserted, “Whatever he does, I do better, and I am going in there to handle business and deal with him in a serious fashion.”

As fans anticipate Benn’s return to the ring, the clash against Dobson holds the promise of a statement victory, signaling Benn’s intent to reclaim the spotlight in the world of boxing.

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