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Concerns Rise Over Mike Tyson's Health Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

In a highly anticipated showdown set for July, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are gearing up to face off in the ring. However, concerns have been raised by medical professionals regarding Tyson’s health, given his age and the significant age gap between the two fighters.

Jake Paul & Mike Tyson

A senior lecturer in medicine, Stephen Hughes, has highlighted potential health risks for Tyson, including the risk of suffering from a subdural hematoma—a tearing of the veins in the brain. This condition can lead to serious consequences such as confusion, loss of consciousness, neurological disability, and even death. Hughes emphasized that as individuals age, these veins become more vulnerable, with factors like alcoholism exacerbating the risk.

Additionally, Tyson faces other health risks such as cardiac fibrosis, arrhythmia, and narrowed heart arteries, all of which could prove fatal.

Despite these warnings, the fight is set to be broadcast on Netflix, drawing significant attention from fans. While some, like Joe Rogan, anticipate Tyson to deliver a powerful performance, the odds favor Jake Paul, who is 30 years younger.

However, if any of the highlighted health conditions manifest during the fight, it could result in dire consequences. Critics are already questioning the wisdom of arranging such a matchup, with many wondering why anyone would consider it a good idea.

As the date approaches for the showdown at AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20th, the debate around the risks involved continues to intensify.

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