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Ryan Garcia’s upcoming clash with Devin Haney on April 20 is facing increasing scrutiny and calls for cancellation following a series of concerning incidents surrounding the Golden Boy star. Amidst his preparation for the bout, Garcia’s behavior has sparked fears over his mental well-being, prompting questions about his readiness to step into the ring.

During a recent run in Dallas, Garcia shocked onlookers by questioning passers-by about their stance on supporting pedophiles, escalating concerns about his mental state. Despite the alarming nature of his actions, both Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya and broadcasters DAZN have seemingly turned a blind eye to Garcia’s behavior, fueling frustration among fans and observers.

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Devin Haney, Garcia’s opponent, initially attributed the behavior to pre-fight hype tactics, but later expressed agreement with those expressing concern over Garcia’s mental health. Former world champion Ishe Smith has echoed these sentiments, raising questions about the seriousness with which Garcia’s situation is being addressed.

Calls for the fight’s cancellation have grown louder, with World Boxing News advocating for Garcia’s withdrawal from the bout in light of his erratic behavior. Garcia’s sporadic vows to take a break from social media until after the fight have done little to assuage concerns, given his persistent online presence.

Devin Haney makes press conference threat after Ryan Garcia claims he is high on social media | talkSPORT

Despite speculation that Garcia’s actions may be a ploy to boost pay-per-view sales for the fight, critics emphasize the need for Golden Boy to prioritize the boxer’s well-being over financial considerations. Failure to intervene and address Garcia’s mental state before the fight could have serious repercussions, with De La Hoya and Golden Boy potentially bearing responsibility for any adverse outcomes during the event.

As the fight date approaches, the spotlight remains firmly on Garcia’s mental health and whether the bout should proceed as scheduled. With the stakes high and concerns mounting, the boxing world awaits further developments in this ongoing saga.

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