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Conah Walker Shocks Cyrus Pattinson in the Co-Main Event of Yafai vs Frank Bout

At Birmingham’s Utilita Arena, a surprising outcome was witnessed in the co-main event of Yafai vs Frank as Conah Walker, with a record of 12 wins, outboxed the previously unbeaten Cyrus Pattinson over eight rounds.

In the initial rounds, both fighters had their moments. Pattinson felt the sting from a body punch in round two, which slowed him down. Walker’s left eye, however, wasn’t spared and started showing signs of a cut.

By the third round, a combination from Walker brought Pattinson to the canvas. Although Pattinson tried retaliating, he found himself in trouble multiple times during the round.

In the fourth, Pattinson tried to reset and focus on boxing. But, by the fifth round, he faced another knockdown, although it looked more like a misstep. Round six saw the fighters engaging in toe-to-toe exchanges. Pattinson began with the upper hand, but Walker soon responded with power punches, leading to another questionable knockdown for Pattinson.

The seventh was marked by Pattinson standing his ground but absorbing significant punishment. By the eighth, Pattinson looked fatigued, struggling to defend against a barrage from Walker, leading his corner to intervene before the ninth could begin.

In the heavyweight category of Yafai vs Frank card, Solomon Dacres managed to secure a decision victory over Chris Thompson over ten rounds. It was a straightforward match, with Dacres being the more active fighter.

Junior welterweight Khaleel Majid secured a win over Alessandro Fersula in eight rounds. The referee’s final score was 78-73 in Majid’s favor. A notable moment was in the first round when Majid floored Fersula, though Fersula managed to continue.

Meanwhile, super featherweights Jordan Flynn and Kane Baker gave the audience a treat with an evenly contested bout at Yafai vs Frank that ended in a draw, scoring 94-94. An interesting twist was Flynn losing a point, which impacted the final score. This was their second meeting, with Flynn having won their first bout.

Elsewhere in the Yafai vs Frank event, fighters Sahil Khan, Abraheem Sulaimaan, Muhammad Mustafa Ali, and Aaron Bowen also recorded victories.

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