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Coach Bullet Ends Partnership with Rolly Romero Ahead of WBA Title Defense"

In a surprising turn of events, Cromwell Gordon, also known as Coach Bullet, has announced the end of his collaboration with WBA super lightweight champion, Rolando “Rolly” Romero. The duo, once inseparable in the gym, is parting ways just weeks before Romero’s title defense against Isaac Cruz on March 30th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Gordon revealed the decision during an interview with, citing a lack of receptiveness from certain fighters and issues of loyalty. Although he didn’t delve into specific reasons for the split, Gordon emphasized the importance of loyalty, stating, “I built him from 0-0 to world champion. He got people in his ear…loyalty is everything, disloyalty is nothing.”

The separation appears to be far from amicable, with Gordon disclosing that he unceremoniously ejected Romero from his car. While the details of their disagreement remain unknown, Gordon expressed that he is looking forward to moving on with his remaining stable of fighters, suggesting that shedding the weight of disloyalty will allow him to flourish as a coach.

Romero, with a record of 15-1 and 13 KOs, faces an uncertain future in terms of coaching. However, the abrupt split raises questions about his preparation and game plan for the upcoming title defense against Cruz. Formerly a top priority for Gordon, Romero’s training is now no longer under the coach’s purview.

As speculation mounts regarding what led to this sudden break, Gordon remains resolute, discouraging pity and asserting his intent to focus on the fighters who remain loyal. The March 30th bout will serve as a litmus test for both parties, with Romero having to adapt to a new coaching setup in the final stretch of his preparations.

The dynamics of coach and boxer relationships are often intricate, and this unexpected split adds a layer of drama to Romero’s upcoming title defense. Whether this change will impact Romero’s performance in the ring or if Gordon’s coaching career will indeed flourish without him, remains to be seen.

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