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Chris Eubank Jr. Stops Liam Smith and Gets His Revenge at Smith vs Eubank 2 Bout

In a stunning turnaround from last Smith vs Eubank 2 encounter, Chris Eubank Jr. decisively overcame his past defeat, delivering a masterclass against Liam Smith. Eubank, making a return to the Manchester’s AO Arena where he faced a shocking fourth-round defeat seven months earlier, commanded the ring and secured a tenth-round stoppage win.

Reflecting on his victory IN Smith vs Eubank 2, Eubank commented:

“It was essential. There are so many big matches out there that I need to be a part of.”

After the surprising setback in January, Eubank took some strategic moves, primarily hiring Brian ‘Bomac’ McIntyre, known for training the renowned Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford. This partnership could well make McIntyre the 2023 Trainer of the Year contender.

Interestingly, Smith’s multiple postponements, due to injuries, gave Eubank extended preparation time. Unfortunately for Smith, this seemed to disadvantage him.

“What transpired tonight was what should’ve occurred in January,”

Eubank recalled, indicating that his earlier loss was a mere fluke.

From the get-go, Eubank dominated Smith vs Eubank 2 bout. He kept Smith on the defensive, mastering both jabs and uppercuts. Smith’s attempts at offense were constantly thwarted, and by the fourth round, he faced a setback reminiscent of Eubank’s earlier defeat, being sent to the canvas with a swift uppercut. Rounds continued in Eubank’s favor, with Smith’s responses weakening, culminating in a tenth-round stoppage.

For Smith, the evening marked the end of a successful spell, with this being his first defeat after four consecutive victories.

“From the beginning to the end, everything just didn’t go my way. Chris was on top of his game. That’s the story. When I win, I celebrate. When I lose, I accept it.”

Eubank’s control of the Smith vs Eubank 2 match was evident in the punch stats, with him landing 33.3% of his total punches, while Smith managed just 25%. In a lighthearted moment, Eubank remarked, “I threw so many punches, my trunks’ lettering came off.” But he also took the time to acknowledge Smith’s spirit, saying,

“Liam is a warrior. Much respect to him and his team.”

Eubank is now setting sights on future challenges, mentioning fighters like Conor Benn and Kell Brook. However, one name stands out for Eubank — Gennadiy Golovkin, commonly known as Triple G. Though a match between them was planned once but never materialized, Eubank seems eager to rekindle that possibility, stating:

“I really wish to face Triple G. If he’s available, we should make it happen.”

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