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Chris Eubank Jr. Calls Out Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin After Canelo Defeat – Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin was just beaten by his long-term rival Saul Canelo Alvarez in their trilogy for the undisputed super middleweight world champion last Saturday night in Las Vegas. But, it didn’t take long for him to be challenged by a top middleweight fighter just moments after the fight ended.

Is the British Chris Eubank Jr., the man who sends the challenge to GGG to fight in the 160lb. The Next Gen Eubank Jr. has called Golovkin for a showdown in December following the Kazakh’s defeat to Alvarez.

Taking to social media at a time when he should have, out of respect, at least allowed GGG some time to come to terms with his defeat, Eubank Jr. instead called GGG out, in a typically classless fashion.

“GGG you had a great run. Come back down to middleweight & let’s fight for those belts you still have in December or just pass ‘em over & I’ll look after them for the next couple of years while you enjoy your retirement… you earned it champ.”

Despite losing to Alvarez for the undisputed world champion, Golovkin still has the WBO and IBF middleweight belts. However, it is not wise for Eubank or someone else to have no respect for someone who was just defeated in a valuable fight.

Canelo Alvarez Defeats Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin by Unanimous Decision with No Debate
As we know, Eubank Jr. and Golovkin were close to agreeing on a fight in 2016, only for a deal to fall through when Junior failed to sign the fight contract that was right in front of him. Since then, Eubank Jr., who has done nothing at the elite level, has called Golovkin out multiple times.

Chris Eubank Jr, Gennadiy Golovkin boxing image / photo
Golovkin still holds the IBF and WBA middleweight titles.

There are no responses yet from GGG, who suffered two losses in his career, but it is probably that GGG will give the same reaction when he responds to the last challenge from the British in March.

“Yeah, Chris is something from the past, I already forgot about him. I honestly don’t understand why it’s worth mentioning him at all, there are some other fighters who are worth mentioning,” told Golovkin in an interview with Michael Benson.

Now it is entirely up to Golovkin what he does next, he might fight Eubank or not. But, GGG will not be passing over his belts to Eubank, nor will he be fighting again as soon as December, as Eubank has to know. One thing is for sure, the veteran warrior quickly dismissed any retirement talk and insists he now intends to return to the middleweight division where he is still reigning IBF and WBA champion.

Eubank Jr this week dismissed suggestions he could be withdrawn from his upcoming fight against Conor Benn, which took on 8 October at a catchweight of 157lbs. Despite his father Chris Eubank Sr. sharing his grave concerns over the weight requirements for their fight.

Chris Eubank Sr Claims He Has Pulled His Son Out Of Fight Against Conor Benn
Chris Eubank Jr. Warn Conor Benn For Their Catchweight Fight
“As fighters we take chances, we gamble, and I don’t believe Conor is going to be able to take me into deep waters,” Eubank told Telegraph Sport.

“Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t feel that that’s what he’s going to be able to do, so I agreed to this weight.

Eubank Sr has expressed concerns about the agreed weight for his sons fight against Benn
Eubank Sr (right) has expressed concerns about the agreed weight for his sons fight against Benn.

“If I was going in there with someone that I considered a killer, I would never do anything like this, I just don’t see that pedigree or grade from Conor so I’m taking the risk of cutting to a weight I’ve never been before and I’m taking the risk of not being able to fully hydrate after the fight.

“Is it a concern? I mean I guess so yeah, I’ve never had to do anything like this in my career so I don’t know how my body is going to react, I don’t know how I’m going to feel on the night, I know I’m not going to be 100 per cent.”

It will be better for Eubank Jr. to focus on his own war, especially with the weight and power that he will bring into the fight in less than a month. *zz

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