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Chev Clarke Secures WBA Intercontinental Title with 4th-Round Knockout Win Over McCarthy

In a thrilling match held in Belfast, Cheavon “Chev” Clarke showcased a spectacular performance, securing a career-best victory against former European cruiserweight champion Tommy McCarthy. Clarke, demonstrated his explosive and aggressive style from the start, making an immediate impact with a powerful left hook that rattled McCarthy.


Despite McCarthy’s composed response and strategic use of his jab, Clarke maintained a high pace, dominating the early rounds. McCarthy, drawing on his experience, weathered the storm and strategically boxed his way back into contention. Utilizing precise right uppercuts, McCarthy effectively countered Clarke’s forward momentum.


As the fight progressed, Clarke intensified his assault, pushing McCarthy against the ropes. In a pivotal moment at the end of a round, Clarke unleashed a series of devastating blows, including a stunning right uppercut and a powerful right hook that visibly hurt McCarthy. Sensing an opportunity, Clarke aggressively pursued McCarthy into the fourth round.


In the fourth round, Clarke continued his onslaught, connecting with precision right hands and delivering a beautiful right uppercut. A final right hook sent McCarthy to the canvas, and although he managed to rise to his feet, he struggled to mount any offense. Clarke relentlessly attacked, trapping McCarthy on the ropes until referee Steve Gray intervened, stopping the fight.


The official time of the stoppage was 1.28 of the fourth round, securing Clarke’s victory and his sixth knockout. With this impressive performance, Clarke not only advanced his record to 8-0 but also claimed the WBA Intercontinental title. McCarthy, with a record of 20-6 and 10 knockouts, now faces decisions about his future in the sport.


The Belfast boxing event witnessed Clarke’s ascendancy and left fans eagerly anticipating his next challenges in the ring.


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