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Carl Froch's Surprise Move: From the Ring to Hollywood!

Former boxing champion Carl Froch, renowned for his epic clashes and multiple world titles, has unveiled an unexpected career twist that has fans buzzing. The retired ‘Cobra’ is set to make his mark in Hollywood, heading to the USA for a unique role.

After hanging up his gloves in 2014, Froch seamlessly transitioned to a successful broadcasting career, gracing platforms like Sky Sports, DAZN, and Talksport. Additionally, he has cultivated a strong online presence with his YouTube channel, ‘Froch On Fighting.’

In an exclusive revelation to Talksport, Froch shared his excitement about training actors Toby Kebbell and Shia LaBeouf for an upcoming film titled “Salvable.” The former champion is jetting off to New York for a week, showcasing his expertise in a new arena. As he puts it, “Froch on Fighting is coming to Hollywood!”

Addressing the prospect of training emerging boxing talents, Froch expressed interest but highlighted the time-consuming nature of the role. With three young kids at home, he emphasized the importance of family time.

In recent headlines, Froch found himself in a verbal joust with John Fury, father of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The spat emerged from the fallout of Tyson Fury’s postponement of the Oleksandr Usyk undisputed title fight, adding another layer of drama to Froch’s post-retirement journey.

This unexpected move to Hollywood not only showcases Froch’s versatility but adds a new chapter to his already storied career.

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