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Carl Froch's Concern Anthony Joshua's Struggle Beyond Boxing

Anthony Joshua’s upcoming fight against Otto Wallin has stirred discussions beyond the ring. The matchup, set for December 23, marks Joshua’s third fight this year, a departure from his usual schedule and an indicator of his determination to regain a world title at 34.

However, former super middleweight champion Carl Froch has voiced concerns about Joshua’s mindset and passion for the sport. Froch shared his thoughts on TalkSport Boxing, expressing doubts about Joshua’s love for boxing, citing a perceived lack of motivation and a noticeable shift in fan support.

Froch highlighted Joshua’s upcoming bout against Wallin as a challenging test, acknowledging Wallin’s impressive performance against Tyson Fury in 2019. Despite this, he questioned Joshua’s drive, observing signs that indicate a decline in passion, such as a reluctance to engage in rigorous training and sparring sessions.

The concern raised by Froch delves deeper into Joshua’s mental state, suggesting a sense of unease or apprehension in the fighter. Froch refrained from speculating on potential mental health issues but conveyed a worry about Joshua’s demeanor, describing him as someone on the brink of something uncertain.

Additionally, Froch emphasized the impact of financial considerations on a boxer’s motivations, hinting at the lure of significant earnings and how they might alter one’s dedication to the sport.

Beyond the boxing ring, Froch’s observations invite reflection on the challenges athletes face beyond physical prowess, shedding light on the complex interplay between ambition, external pressures, and personal drive in the realm of professional sports.

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