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Carl Froch's Choice: Taylor vs. Cameron Takes the Crown for 2023's Fight of the Year!

Renowned in the boxing realm, Carl Froch has zeroed in on the most thrilling showdown of 2023. Setting aside the expected favorites, Froch directs our attention to a heart-pounding clash that defied all expectations. So, which fight secures the coveted title of Fight of the Year, according to the former super middleweight champion?


Froch considered several contenders, including the highly awaited Spence vs. Crawford bout. However, he discarded it, deeming it less competitive than anticipated. Instead, he shifted focus to the edge-of-the-seat matches, highlighting Katie Taylor’s triumphant homecoming in Dublin against Chantelle Cameron. Froch praised the fierce competition, stating, “Katie Taylor versus Chantelle Cameron was a good close fight and could have gone either way, and we’re going to get the trilogy.”


Delving into specifics, Froch also acknowledged the controversial Haney vs. Lomachenko duel, where opinions on the winner were divided. Another nod went to the electrifying clash between Yarde and Beterbiev, where Yarde initially held his ground but ultimately succumbed to Beterbiev’s prowess.


Concluding with his verdict, Froch emphasized, “Between them three, it’s what you like. Maybe Katie Taylor versus Chantelle Cameron because that was a good close fight and could have gone either way, and we’re going to get the trilogy.”


In essence, Froch’s choice for Fight of the Year, Taylor vs. Cameron, encapsulates the essence of thrilling, competitive boxing. The anticipation of a trilogy adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a standout moment in the boxing landscape.


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