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Carl Froch Slams Tommy Fury's Rumored Bout with Roy Jones Jr 'Bad for Boxing

Former champion Carl Froch has strongly criticized the potential exhibition match between Tommy Fury and boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The bout, rumored to be in the works following Fury’s victories against Jake Paul and KSI, has drawn Froch’s ire due to its deviation from traditional boxing and Fury’s expressed aspirations in the sport.

Froch questioned the rationale behind Fury, who has aimed for a career in professional boxing, considering a matchup against the 54-year-old four-weight world champion. Expressing disbelief at the prospect, Froch highlighted Fury’s previous fights against YouTubers, stating that facing Jones Jr. contradicts Fury’s stated desire to pursue a serious boxing career.

Labelling the potential fight as detrimental to the sport, Froch vehemently opposed the idea, urging Fury to avoid engaging in such an exhibition. He emphasized Jones Jr.’s stature as a legend in boxing, indicating that the bout would lack significance and serve no purpose in proving Fury’s capabilities as a professional boxer.

Froch emphasized the importance for Fury, if serious about a boxing career, to start from the grassroots level and work his way up by facing genuine professional opponents. He stressed that engaging in an exhibition against Jones Jr. would not contribute positively to Fury’s journey in the boxing world.

While Froch vehemently disapproved of the rumored bout, recent updates from Jones Jr. indicated uncertainty about the fight, leaving the potential showdown between Fury and the boxing legend in limbo.

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