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Carl Froch Rejects Paul's Fight Offer, Says "I'd Iron Him Out For Free"

Carl Froch, the former super-middleweight champion, has dismissed Jake Paul’s recent callout, even offering to fight him for no money.

Jake Paul, known for his transition from YouTube to boxing, is scheduled to fight Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico this Saturday, with the event set to be broadcast live on DAZN. During the buildup to the fight, Paul insinuated that Froch was motivated by financial gain in considering the match.

However, Froch swiftly dismissed these claims in an interview with Fruity Slots. He asserted that he has no interest in money when it comes to fighting Paul. “I’d happily run my fist down the back of his throat for free,” Froch stated, emphasizing his eagerness to take on Paul without any monetary incentives.

Froch also criticized Paul’s boxing abilities, referring to Paul’s recent match against Tommy Fury where he believes Paul displayed his limitations. He expressed disappointment in Fury’s performance, stating, “Fury showed his level too, it’s a shame really because Tommy Fury had the chance to end all this Jake Paul nonsense for good.”

Furthermore, Froch dismissed Paul’s comparison of himself to Floyd Mayweather as mere trolling. He emphasized that Paul is not in the same league as Mayweather and questioned Paul’s credibility as a boxer, stating, “He’s trying to get a reaction.”

Before any potential matchup between Froch and Paul can take place, Paul must first focus on his upcoming fight against Bourland. Nevertheless, the exchange between Froch and Paul has added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the boxing world, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what unfolds next.

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