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Carl Froch Hits Back at Nigel Benn's Claim with Fighting Words!

Carl Froch, the retired boxing legend known for his granite chin and remarkable career, responded vehemently to Nigel Benn’s claim that he would have knocked him out in a fight. The former super middleweight champion, proud of his accomplishments and resilience in the ring, expressed his thoughts on Benn’s assertions.

Acknowledging Benn’s remarks with respect, Froch praised the warrior spirit in both himself and Benn, highlighting their shared determination and refusal to quit in the face of adversity. However, Froch defended his own career, emphasizing that while he had been knocked down twice in fights against formidable opponents like Jermaine Taylor and George Groves, he rose to clinch victory on both occasions.

Addressing Benn’s record and drawing comparisons, Froch pointed out losses in Benn’s career against opponents like Watson, Eubank, and Collins, asserting his belief that he would have had the upper hand in a potential bout against Benn. Additionally, Froch highlighted his triumph over a younger opponent, George Groves, as evidence of his ability to dominate despite facing challengers who were a decade his junior.

Despite his confidence in his capabilities, Froch also acknowledged George Groves for delivering what he considered the toughest fight of his career over a decade ago.

Froch’s response to Benn’s claim showcases his self-assurance and belief in his fighting prowess. He staunchly defends his career achievements and resilience while respectfully acknowledging the challenges posed by formidable opponents.

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