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Carl Froch Blasts Tyson Fury's Journalist 'Ban' Before Usyk Bout

Carl Froch, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t hold back in criticizing a major figure in boxing for recent actions he deemed ‘pathetic.’ Fury’s reported ‘ban’ on talkSPORT from covering his upcoming crossover fight against Francis Ngannou sparked Froch’s disapproval, expressing his dismay over the exclusion of independent journalists.

Addressing the issue on his ‘Froch on Fighting’ YouTube channel, the former super-middleweight champion condemned Tyson Fury’s alleged decision to bar talkSPORT, emphasizing the importance of allowing diverse opinions and critique within journalism. Froch expressed concern over the implication that journalists risk exclusion for not aligning with certain promotional narratives, fearing a stifling of free speech and alternative viewpoints within the sport.

Froch further emphasized the need to avoid giving fighters excessive control over media access, labeling the banning of journalists from events as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘pathetic.’ He highlighted the inherent conflict in allowing a fighter to dictate media attendance, urging a halt to such practices that limit journalistic expression.

The talkSPORT ‘ban’ incident, as Froch noted, raises questions about journalistic freedom and the influence wielded by prominent boxers. With Fury’s highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk on the horizon, talkSPORT aims for a potential reversal of this ‘ban,’ recognizing the significance of coverage for what’s billed as one of the sport’s biggest events.

Froch’s critique sheds light on the delicate balance between journalistic independence and fighters’ control over media access, urging for a cessation of actions that inhibit diverse perspectives within boxing reportage.

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