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Carl Frampton Discusses Boxing's Contrast with MMA in Fight Frequency

Former featherweight champion Carl Frampton has shed light on why significant fights in the world of boxing don’t occur as frequently as in MMA, citing the desire to protect undefeated records, with fighters like Floyd Mayweather setting a precedent. His insights come in the wake of Tyson Fury’s agreement to face Francis Ngannou before a unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk.

Frampton, speaking to TNT Sports, applauded the UFC’s model, where the best fighters are often compelled to face one another, offering fans exciting spectacles. He noted that protecting an undefeated record is a central concern in boxing, and this approach has led to a reduced frequency of major fights.

Frampton mentioned the upcoming Fury vs. Ngannou crossover fight, an example of boxing and MMA coming together in a significant matchup. Despite the distinct styles of the two sports, such encounters can generate immense interest.

While Frampton, who retired with a 28-3 professional record, is a fan of MMA, particularly the UFC, he emphasized his preference for exciting, stand-up exchanges in combat sports. He mentioned that some boxing matches, like Floyd Mayweather’s, were less thrilling due to evasive styles.

The former champion highlighted legendary bouts like Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns, where two fighters engage in intense exchanges, as examples of the remarkable spectacle that boxing can offer.

Although he acknowledged the excitement and unpredictability of MMA, Frampton leaned towards boxing as his preferred sport. He believes that certain memorable boxing contests, characterized by fierce exchanges, are simply unparalleled in the world of sports.

Frampton’s perspective showcases the nuances and divergent approaches in both combat sports, shedding light on why significant matchups happen less frequently in boxing compared to the MMA world.

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