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Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford: Teddy Atlas Weighs In on Potential Showdown

Fresh off a triumphant victory against Errol Spence in 2023, Terence Crawford has set his sights on a potential clash with boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez. The idea of Crawford moving up to 168lbs poses a significant challenge, but the allure of facing the Mexican icon is undeniable, promising substantial rewards for the Nebraska native.

Crawford, since his impressive win over Spence, has been the subject of numerous fight speculations, leaving fans curious about his next move. Meanwhile, Canelo, after showcasing his dominance against Jermell Charlo in September, awaits confirmation for his next super-middleweight title defense.

In the midst of this speculation, Teddy Atlas, a revered voice in the boxing world, shared his insights on the prospective showdown between Crawford and Canelo. Atlas highlighted Crawford’s unique ability to control the pace of the fight and perceive nuances others may miss, emphasizing the special timing that sets him apart.

“Crawford has the ability to slow things down in the ring and to see things nobody else can see, and that’s what makes his timing so special. Because of that, I cannot count him out of anything,” expressed Atlas during a conversation with Fight Hub.

As the boxing world buzzes with anticipation, the prospect of Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford sharing the ring adds another layer of excitement. Fans eagerly await the official announcement that could turn this potential clash into a reality.

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