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Brian McIntyre 'BoMac' Arrested at Manchester Airport!

In a surprising turn of events, Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, the acclaimed boxing trainer behind Chris Eubank Jr.’s recent triumph over Liam Smith, got arrested at Manchester Airport. The incident unfolded after the security personnel reportedly detected a firearm inside his luggage.

The 53-year-old McIntyre was in preparation to board a flight to Atlanta on Sunday morning when this unexpected incident occurred. His baggage, which was routinely scanned, allegedly revealed not just a firearm but also an associated magazine and rounds of ammunition.

Upon this discovery, the UK Border Force swiftly intervened. The seriousness of the situation escalated to a point where armed police officials had to make their presence felt in Terminal 2 of Manchester Airport. It was here, amidst the passengers waiting in the departure lounge, that McIntyre, affectionately known to many in the boxing world as ‘BoMac’, was taken into custody. He is now under investigation on grounds of suspected firearm possession.

This incident has taken many by surprise, primarily because just the previous evening, McIntyre had played a pivotal role in Eubank Jr’s impressive victory against Liam Smith at the renowned Manchester Arena. The high-profile rematch garnered significant attention, making the events of the subsequent morning even more shocking.

It’s essential to highlight McIntyre’s reputation in the boxing community. Apart from mentoring Eubank Jr, he is also known for his association with the two times undisputed world champion, Terence Crawford. His expertise and guidance have played instrumental roles in the success stories of these athletes.

While the sporting world reels from this news, the specifics and circumstances leading to the firearm’s presence in McIntyre’s luggage remain unclear. The team representing Eubank Jr. has been approached for a statement regarding the situation but has chosen to remain silent at this juncture.

Sky Sports News, which has been closely following this development, also reached out to the Greater Manchester Police for an official statement or comment, awaiting their response.

As the story unfolds, the boxing community and fans worldwide eagerly await more details, hoping for clarity on an incident that could potentially impact the careers and reputations of some of the sport’s most prominent figures.

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