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Boxing Results - Yafai vs Frank Bout

At the Utilita Arena in Birmingham, the boxing results were nothing short of spectacular. Galal Yafai, the 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist and WBC International Flyweight champion, made headlines. He knocked down Tommy Frank in the mere first round, and as the boxing results showcased, Yafai’s unrelenting drive forced Frank’s corner to end the fight early.

Another highlight from the Yafai vs Frank night’s boxing results was the clash between WBA International Welterweight champion, Cyrus Pattison, and Conah Walker. The fight was an explosive showdown of ten rounds. Pattison displayed elegance in the fourth and fifth rounds, while Walker knocked down Pattison multiple times, demonstrating raw power. The boxing results were finalized when Pattison’s corner called it quits after eight rounds, marking a win for Walker.

In a much-anticipated rematch, boxing results confirmed a draw between Super Featherweight Jordan Flynn and Kane Baker. While Flynn managed to knock Baker down in the fourth, an unexpected point deduction in the last round led to an inconclusive end.

The boxing results for the heavyweight clash at Yafai vs Frank bout between Solomon Dacres and Chris Thompson weren’t as electrifying as expected. Although Dacres did have a few good hits, the fight’s energy was muted. Nevertheless, Dacres was declared the winner based on judges’ decisions.

On the super lightweight front of the Yafai vs Frank bout, boxing results indicated a strong win for Khaleel Majid against Alessandro Fersula. Majid’s prowess was on full display, notably knocking down Fersula in the initial round.

In the middleweight category, Aaron Bowen’s match with Wilmer Baron ended swiftly. Bowen won by second-round knockout of Baron, demonstrating his powerful skills.

Promoter Eddie Hearns offered praises for the night’s fighters. He singled out the Pattison-Walker bout, describing it as a true “war”, solidifying its place in memorable boxing results.

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