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Boxing Results - Bohachuk vs Allotey

In the boxing results of the junior middleweight bout Bohachuk vs Allotey, Bohachuk  has secured a knockout victory, advancing his pursuit of a world title opportunity.

This past Saturday at Chumash Casino Resort, the Bohachuk vs Allotey match concluded abruptly. Bohachuk, originally from Ukraine and currently based in Los Angeles, successfully ended the bout against ex-world title contender Patrick Allotey in the first round.

Bohachuk’s formidable knockout power done the job for him. With his win in the Bohachuk vs Allotey fight, he expanded his record to 23 wins, 23 by knockouts, with just a single loss.

Bohachuk demonstrated a calculated approach in the Bohachuk vs Allotey bout. From the outset, he kept Allotey on the back foot with relentless jabs. His offense culminated in a forceful right cross, causing Allotey to fall onto the canvas face-first within the final minute of the round. Despite Allotey managing to rise after the nine count, referee Jack Reiss called a halt to the Bohachuk vs Allotey bout at 2:33, to Allotey’s surprise.

Following a few moments of reflection, a visibly disheartened Allotey finally removed his gloves under the supervision of a California State Athletic Commission official.

Bohachuk, who ranks second in the WBC, is slated to return to the ring on November 10 at Madison Square Garden, New York City, according to promoter Tom Loeffler.

“Serhii is prepared for a world title opportunity”

Tom hinted towards a potential showdown of Bohachuk with Jermell Charlo or a match for the vacant WBC world title.

Meanwhile, the outcome of the Bohachuk vs Allotey match has given Patrick Allotey his fifth loss. The Ghanaian boxer’s record now stands at 42 wins, 32 by KOs.

In the undercard match, Omar Trinidad emerged victorious against Roberto Meza, enhancing his record to 13-0-1, 10 KOs. The boxing results further confirmed that Umar Dzambekov overcame Kwame Ritter, taking his record to 6-0, 4 KOs in the process.

In the bantamweight category, Narek Abgaryan achieved a sixth-round knockout victory over Manuel Manzo, updating his record to 16-1, 7 KOs.

Daniel Barrera triumphed over Eduardo Alvarez in the opening round of their flyweight bout, while Jorge Maravillo emerged victorious against Terry Fernandez in an off-air contest.



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