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Boxing Comeback: Shannon Briggs, 51, Eyes Heavyweight Title After 7-Year Hiatus"

Shannon Briggs, the 51-year-old former heavyweight champion, is set to make a remarkable return to the ring after nearly seven years of absence, boldly declaring, “I’m still an animal.” Hailing from the same Brooklyn neighborhood as Mike Tyson, Briggs is renowned for his iconic catchphrase, “let’s go champ,” and his storied bouts against legends like Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Francois Botha, and Ray Mercer.

Briggs, who hasn’t fought since a first-round knockout in 2016, is gearing up for a comeback against American mixed martial artist ‘Rampage’ aka Quentin Jackson next year. Speaking on the Jaxxon Podcast, Briggs attributed his hiatus to a lack of willing opponents, stating, “The only reason I haven’t been active is nobody will fight me. They’re scared.”

Asserting that age has not diminished his power, Briggs emphasized, “I’m 51, and I still hit hard. I’m still an animal.” He brushed off concerns about losing power, confidently stating that he can still take a punch. With an eye on the heavyweight title, Briggs outlined his ambitious goal of a ten-fight comeback run, expressing a desire to face real boxers and eventually challenge the likes of Tyson Fury for the championship.

As Briggs sets his sights on a boxing resurgence, the question looms over whether he can secure legitimate opponents at this stage in his career. Nevertheless, his determination and confidence add an intriguing chapter to the narrative of a seasoned fighter seeking a late-career triumph in the unforgiving world of professional boxing. Boxing enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding of Briggs’ comeback journey and the potential challenges he may face on his quest for heavyweight glory.

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