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Boxing Chaos Unfolds Bernard Hopkins Steps In After Spitting Incident at WBA Convention!

A shocking incident marred the WBA Convention as chaos erupted when boxing promoter Sampson Lewkowicz was spat on, prompting former world champion Bernard Hopkins to intervene. The disturbing scene unfolded as Lewkowicz was targeted with a lump of phlegm, leaving the boxing legend furious and determined to address the situation head-on.

Hopkins, quick to react, confronted the culprit, expressing his dismay and staunchly defending Lewkowicz. The altercation escalated, with Hopkins vocally condemning the disrespectful act, demanding accountability, and offering to settle the matter one-on-one with the offender, Grant Phillips, in a direct confrontation.

Amidst the aftermath, Lewkowicz clarified that Australian WBA middleweight contender Michael Zerafa was not involved in the distressing altercation despite recent reports linking him to the incident. Zerafa and his partner reached out to express concern for Lewkowicz’s well-being, distancing themselves from any association with the altercation.

Taking a stand against the unacceptable behavior, Lewkowicz filed battery charges against the individual responsible for the appalling attack, signaling a firm response to the incident. The gravity of the situation was further emphasized by matchmaker Ron Katz, condemning the aggressor’s actions and calling for appropriate consequences and restraint from future conventions.

The fallout from this incident echoes through the boxing community, with voices echoing support for Lewkowicz and denouncing such unacceptable behavior in the sport. The incident at the WBA Convention serves as a stark reminder of the need for respect and decorum within the boxing fraternity, urging a collective effort to maintain professionalism and dignity.

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