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Bomac Envisions Keyshawn Davis' Journey Towards Boxing Greatness"

In the intricate world of boxing, mentorship is a key element that often shapes a fighter’s destiny. Brian “Bomac” McIntyre, known for his coaching prowess, finds joy in imparting the sport’s wisdom to Keyshawn Davis, a promising 25-year-old talent. The co-main event on Saturday night brings Davis face to face with his most significant challenge yet – former world champion Jose Pedraza.

While Bomac is hesitant to dub his fighters as great prematurely, he sees Davis as a fighter on the right trajectory. The realist coach, having previously nurtured the career of Terence Crawford, understands the patience and diligence required to mold a Hall of Fame-caliber athlete.

In the upcoming bout against Pedraza, Bomac recognizes a crucial stepping stone for Davis. A victory would not only enhance Davis’s record (9-0, 6 KOs) but also solidify his potential as a future multi-division champion. Bomac emphasizes the importance of taking things gradually, echoing the paths taken by legends like Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez.

In Bomac’s eyes, Davis has the potential to not only become a multi-division champion but also enter the conversation of the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T). The coach envisions Davis’s name mentioned among the boxing legends, provided he continues to listen, learn, and dedicate himself to the grind.

Bomac concludes by projecting a timeline, stating, “Seven, eight years from now we can be mentioning his name as one of the greatest that ever laced up the gloves.” Davis, in the early stages of his journey, holds the promise to follow in the footsteps of those who paved the way before him.

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