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Bivol Plans to Exploit Beterbiev's Weakness in Summer Showdown

In the upcoming clash of light heavyweight titans this summer, WBA champion Dmitry Bivol is gearing up to face IBF/WBC/WBO titleholder Artur Beterbiev. Bivol, known for his strategic approach, believes he has identified a chink in Beterbiev’s armor that could lead to victory.

“We all have a weak side, and we all have a good side,” Bivol pointed out, emphasizing that even the formidable Beterbiev has moments of vulnerability. Bivol’s game plan is clear: make Beterbiev uncomfortable and minimize any chances for the hard-hitting champion to capitalize on weaknesses.

Bivol’s strengths lie in his agility and movement, although he’s aware that he can’t rely on evading Beterbiev’s pressure for the entire twelve rounds. While adept at backing straight up, Bivol acknowledges a potential challenge in sidestepping to escape relentless pressure, something he hasn’t had to do often in his career.

The Russian champion recognizes the difficulty in maintaining constant pressure, a tactic frequently employed by Beterbiev. Bivol aims to turn the tables by creating moments that disrupt Beterbiev’s rhythm, making the fight less comfortable for the reigning champion.

“We don’t have to think about it too much. Just do your work, and I have to do my work. I know I can win if I do my work well,” Bivol confidently asserts. Drawing on his experiences in sparring sessions, Bivol acknowledges the effort required to sustain constant pressure and move forward, deeming Beterbiev’s style as the toughest test he has faced.

As the summer showdown approaches, all eyes will be on these two light heavyweight champions, each looking to assert their dominance in the division. Bivol’s plan to exploit Beterbiev’s weaknesses adds an intriguing layer to this highly anticipated bout, promising fans a gripping clash of styles.

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