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Billy Joe Saunders Opens Up About His Toughest Moment in Boxing

Former world champion Billy Joe Saunders has recently reflected on what he considers the darkest period of his boxing career, pinpointing a challenging chapter from 2018. While Saunders is known for his adept boxing skills, highlighted in victories against notable opponents like David Lemieux, Chris Eubank Jr, Willie Monroe Jr, and Martin Murray, he recalls a particularly trying moment that deeply affected his relationship with the sport.

Saunders recounted a pivotal incident in the lead-up to his anticipated fight against Demetrius Andrade in 2018, a bout that never materialized due to a failed drug test. In an interview with Keep A LukeOut, Saunders candidly admitted the turmoil he experienced during that time. “This is why I advocate for Conor Benn, to give him a chance, because nobody knows the toll from that kind of phone call. I reached a point where I wanted nothing to do with boxing anymore.”

The failed drug test was linked to a nasal spray, which escalated the situation for Saunders, leading to a profound sense of disillusionment. Despite feeling he was unjustly implicated, the ordeal left him questioning his future in the sport. “I felt betrayed. Initially, it seemed catastrophic, but then you realize there are people facing much larger challenges in life,” Saunders reflected on the difficult period.

Although his recent loss to Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez marked a significant setback in his career, resulting in a fractured orbital bone, Saunders emphasized that the 2018 drug test incident remains the most trying moment he has encountered in his boxing journey. His openness sheds light on the emotional toll and uncertainty professional athletes face beyond the physical challenges within the ring.

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