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Bill Haney Exposes Ryan Garcia's TikTok Facade Ahead of April 20th Showdown

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated clash between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia on April 20th, trainer Bill Haney has shed light on what he sees as Garcia’s attempt to leverage social media fame to overshadow his boxing skills.

Haney straightforwardly asserts that Garcia is a “fighter impersonating as a TikTok star” and emphasizes that his son’s focus is squarely on countering Garcia’s lethal left hook in the upcoming fight on DAZN PPV.

The elder Haney dismisses Garcia’s social media prowess, attributing his popularity more to a carefully crafted image than genuine boxing credentials. With a blunt assessment, Haney makes it clear that they are not falling for the TikTok façade and are fully committed to exposing it in the ring.

Bill Haney Dismisses Ryan: "Focused on That Left Hook"

Despite Garcia’s significant following on Instagram, Haney doesn’t mince words about his boxing achievements, pointing out the quality of opposition faced and titles secured, albeit against what he terms as “flawed champions.”

As the verbal jabs continue, Haney takes a swipe at Garcia’s family dynamic, hinting at a strategy to unsettle his opponent by targeting family involvement in his career. With a reference to Garcia’s family members who were once deeply involved in his boxing journey, Haney suggests a loss of control and a new reality setting in.

In conclusion, Bill Haney maintains a no-nonsense stance, vowing to put an end to what he calls “all that bull s***” come April 20th. The stage is set for a showdown not just in the ring but in the narrative leading up to the fight, as both camps exchange words and strategies.

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