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Big John Fury Challenges Mike Tyson to the Ring After Press Conference Banter

Big John Fury, the outspoken father of boxing champion Tyson Fury, made headlines by challenging the legendary boxer Mike Tyson to a fight following a press conference. The occasion was the build-up to Tyson Fury’s match against Francis Ngannou. Tyson, who was present at the press conference due to his role in training Ngannou, was sitting alongside Big John Fury. The elder Fury took the opportunity to call out Mike Tyson, saying, “Whatever the outcome of this fight, me and you will fight.” Tyson enthusiastically responded, and the challenge was born.

Big John Fury has expressed his intent to fight Mike Tyson seriously in the past, emphasizing that he’s not just teasing. He believes he can take on the former heavyweight champ, stating, “If he chins me, he chins me, but I’ll try and chin him also.” This ongoing challenge is driven by a personal desire to prove himself against one of the sport’s icons, regardless of the outcome.

The father of Tyson Fury, who has an extensive boxing background, has a record of 8-4-1 from his boxing career, with his last official fight taking place in the mid-’90s. He remains confident in his fighting abilities, and his determination to face Mike Tyson is unwavering.

Despite the banter, there’s no official confirmation of this match taking place. Still, the challenge adds an element of intrigue to the world of boxing, especially for those eager to witness Big John Fury face off against the legendary Mike Tyson.

In the world of boxing, unexpected challenges and rivalries can lead to exciting developments, and this challenge between Big John Fury and Mike Tyson could be a story to watch in the coming months.

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