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Big Joe Egan Challenges John Fury for Saudi Showdown - Mike Tyson Issues Warning"

Former Birmingham landlord and boxing champ Big Joe Egan has thrown down the gauntlet, calling out Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, for a heavyweight showdown in Saudi Arabia. The challenge comes after Egan, once dubbed ‘the toughest white man on the planet’ by Mike Tyson, expressed his desire to step back into the ring after more than two decades.

Egan, a former sparring partner of Mike Tyson, claims that John Fury, previously dismissed as ‘all bark, no bite,’ needs to face him in a battle of seasoned warriors. Tyson himself weighed in on the situation, issuing a warning to Fury: ‘He’s coming for you.’

Having lived in Birmingham for over a decade and run the well-known Lyndhurst pub in Erdington, Egan announced his comeback plans on social media. Despite having only four professional bouts and a 20-year hiatus from boxing, Egan is eager to showcase how two old warriors can still put on a great boxing match.

Initially uninterested, John Fury eventually agreed to the challenge, with a twist – demanding £200,000 from YouTuber KSI, whom he claimed owed him money. The backstory includes a bet made before Tommy Fury’s fight last October.

Egan’s boxing career, which showed promise after turning pro in 1990, was cut short by a car accident that led to a life spiral. His resilience shone when he fought off raiders at his pub, sustaining injuries, including being shot in the face.

The intriguing narrative continues with Egan’s involvement in criminality, imprisonment, and subsequent redemption through acting. Now, the former boxer seeks a final hurrah in the ring, challenging John Fury to a match that could captivate both boxing enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

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