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Beterbiev's Trainer Eyes June 1 for Clash with Bivol in Light Heavyweight Unification Bout

In a highly anticipated showdown for light heavyweight supremacy, Artur Beterbiev’s trainer, Marc Ramsey, is eyeing June 1 as the potential date for the undisputed clash against Dmitry Bivol. Both fighters boast impeccable records and sit atop the pound-for-pound rankings, making this bout a must-watch for boxing enthusiasts.

Beterbiev, having expressed his desire to observe Ramadan before committing to another fight, sees this summer as an opportune moment for the two undefeated fighters to meet in a high-profile match, possibly taking place in Saudi Arabia. Ramsey remains optimistic about the proposed June 1 date, citing Beterbiev’s dedication to his training regimen.

Currently, Beterbiev is gearing up for high-altitude training in Russia for 21 days in March, followed by a nine-week training camp in Montreal. Ramsey emphasizes Beterbiev’s competitive spirit, stating that the champion is ready to take on any opponent without waiting around for other high-profile matchups.

Beterbiev’s last victory over Callum Smith in January showcased his strategic prowess and disciplined execution. Despite the bout appearing seemingly easy from the outside, Ramsey highlights the complexities of breaking down a skilled opponent like Smith, emphasizing the sophistication of their game plan.

As the undisputed clash with Bivol looms on the horizon, Ramsey expresses confidence in Beterbiev’s readiness and commitment to securing another victory. The trainer acknowledges some minor details to address but assures fans that they are unrelated to the significant aspects of the fight.

In conclusion, boxing enthusiasts can mark their calendars for a potential blockbuster on June 1, as Beterbiev and Bivol aim to settle the score and determine the undisputed light heavyweight champion.

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