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Beterbiev's Trainer Eyes Benavidez as Ideal Target, Warns Bivol of a Different Challenge

In the world of boxing chess matches, Artur Beterbiev’s trainer, John Scully, sees a tailor-made target in David Benavidez. According to Scully, Benavidez’s reliance on strength plays perfectly into Beterbiev’s style, making the matchup an ideal one for the undefeated Russian.

Scully highlights Benavidez’s close-range fighting approach, predicting that standing directly in front of Beterbiev could lead to a quick dismantling. While Benavidez has expressed interest in moving up to 175 pounds, particularly eyeing a bout with Dmitry Bivol, Scully dismisses him as a formidable challenge for Beterbiev.

As the spotlight intensifies on the looming showdown between Beterbiev and Bivol in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Scully offers a warning. He believes Bivol is in for a rude awakening, emphasizing that Beterbiev’s relentless pressure will set the tone for a vastly different fight compared to Canelo’s encounter with the Russian.

Scully challenges those predicting Bivol’s victory based on the Canelo fight, asserting that it’s not a wise assessment. Instead, he redirects attention to Benavidez, labeling him as the perfect opponent for Beterbiev, dismissing the notion that Benavidez’s strength and late-game strategy would trouble the Russian powerhouse.

In the intricate world of boxing strategy and predictions, Scully’s insights add an extra layer of anticipation to these potential matchups, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the outcomes in the ring.

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