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Beterbiev Cleared: WBC Responds to Atypical VADA Findings

Just days before his highly anticipated light heavyweight title defense against Callum Smith, Artur Beterbiev’s camp was rocked by atypical findings in his VADA testing. However, the World Boxing Council (WBC) has now cleared the undefeated champion, concluding that the findings did not constitute an adverse doping violation.

The initial report on December 6th revealed atypical levels of human growth hormone (HGH) and 5b-androstanediol in Beterbiev’s samples. While not a positive test, the findings raised concerns and prompted further investigation. The WBC, along with other sanctioning bodies and promoters, closely monitored the situation as VADA conducted additional tests.

Thankfully, all subsequent samples, including those collected on December 15th, 21st, and January 3rd, yielded negative results. This, coupled with consistent testosterone levels throughout the testing period, led the WBC to declare:

“Champion Beterbiev’s testing protocol and results therein lead only to one conclusion: there are no adverse findings. In light of the testing measures taken and all results obtained, the WBC has not and will not take any adverse action in this matter.”

This official statement from the WBC provides Beterbiev and his fans with much-needed clarity and reassurance. The champion can now fully focus on his upcoming clash with Smith, aiming to unify the light heavyweight division and solidify his status as one of the most dominant fighters in the sport.

However, the incident highlights the complexities of VADA testing and the potential for atypical findings to cause confusion and controversy. While the WBC’s swift and thorough investigation ultimately cleared Beterbiev’s name, this episode underscores the importance of transparency and continued efforts to improve the anti-doping system in boxing.

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