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Berlanga Eyes Big Moves After McCrory Clash

In the lead-up to his bout with Padraig McCrory, undefeated super-middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga is focused on making a statement that reverberates beyond the ring. Currently standing at 21-0 with 16 KOs, Berlanga is eyeing a potential clash with top names, including Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia.

Berlanga acknowledges that a standout performance against McCrory is essential to draw attention from the boxing world. “I’ve got to shine bright next week, literally make this dude [McCrory] look like he’s not in my category and really perform my ass off,” he emphasized in an interview with BoxingScene.

While discussions about potential future opponents swirl, including being linked to the Canelo sweepstakes, Berlanga remains committed to his immediate focus on the upcoming fight. McCrory, boasting an 18-0 record with nine stoppages, is not to be underestimated, and Berlanga aims to secure a convincing victory.

Berlanga’s aspirations extend beyond individual accolades; he envisions a fight with Canelo, recognizing the significant backing he has from Puerto Rico. He draws parallels to past boxing stars like Floyd Mayweather, emphasizing the importance of having a nation behind him.

Addressing the possibility of making too much of a statement, Berlanga acknowledges Canelo’s preference not to face Mexican fighters, adding an intriguing dynamic to his own Puerto Rican heritage.

As Berlanga gears up for the main event, he maintains a disciplined and focused approach, even sacrificing personal comforts to stay in fight mode. Despite his preference for the light of family life, he recognizes the necessity of being fully locked in during training camp.

Berlanga draws inspiration from legendary fighters like Felix Trinidad and Miguel Cotto, emphasizing the importance of taking on significant challenges. As he approaches a potential top spot while eyeing a Canelo bout, Berlanga highlights the crucial role that money plays in making high-profile fights happen.

While the future holds uncertainty, Berlanga’s immediate goal is clear: a dominant performance against McCrory to pave the way for bigger opportunities and potentially set the stage for a showdown with boxing’s elite.

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