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Benavidez's Team Offers Canelo Alvarez a Staggering $55 Million Purse

In a surprising turn of events, David Benavidez’s promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz, has revealed that Al Haymon of PBC has extended a jaw-dropping $55 million guaranteed purse to entice Canelo Alvarez into a super middleweight showdown. The offer adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing saga of Canelo’s opponents and showcases the determination of Benavidez’s team to secure a high-profile bout.

Canelo’s decision to bypass a potential face-off with Benavidez has led the undefeated super middleweight to make a strategic move. Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) is now set to venture into the light heavyweight division, challenging Oleksandr Gvozyk for the WBC interim and mandatory spot. The outcome of this move hinges on whether Canelo accepts or rejects the lucrative $55 million offer.

While $55 million is undeniably a substantial amount, the sports world questions whether it adequately compensates the risk Canelo would undertake against a cruiserweight-sized opponent like Benavidez. Comparisons to the hefty paydays of British heavyweights Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, who fight in Saudi Arabia with significantly less risk, raise doubts about the fairness of the offer.

The article also highlights the potential financial gains for Canelo by competing in Saudi Arabia, where larger sums can be amassed without the risk associated with facing a larger opponent like Benavidez. As negotiations unfold, the focus shifts to whether Canelo finds the $55 million offer compelling enough, especially considering the modest increase from the $35 million guaranteed purse offered for a potential bout with Jaime Munguia.

The question of Benavidez’s worth and the perceived value of the potential matchup against Canelo come into play. Benavidez, an American fighter, brings a more enticing prospect to the U.S. audience than the Munguia fight. The offer puts the spotlight on the negotiation dynamics in the world of boxing and leaves fans eagerly awaiting Canelo’s response.

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