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"BENAVIDEZ'S DRUNKEN APOLOGY: Is Canelo Bout in Jeopardy?"

Light heavyweight contender David Benavidez found himself in hot water after a drunken interview live on DAZN, prompting him to issue an apology to his fans.

During the interview with Chris Mannix, Benavidez appeared noticeably intoxicated, sparking controversy and raising eyebrows across social media platforms. Despite the uproar, the two-time WBC super middleweight champion took to social media to express remorse for his behavior.

In his statement, Benavidez acknowledged his mistake, offering apologies to his fans and those who witnessed his intoxicated state. He vowed that such behavior would not recur, emphasizing his commitment to professionalism moving forward.

However, opinions on Benavidez’s actions remain divided. While some argue that his behavior was excusable given the absence of an official fight confirmation and his upcoming bout on July 22, others, like former world champion Ishe Smith, believe Benavidez should maintain a more disciplined approach, especially considering his aspirations for a showdown with Canelo Alvarez.

Smith emphasized the importance of dedication and highlighted the risks associated with indulging in substances outside of training camps, particularly for a fighter of Benavidez’s caliber and aspirations. Benavidez’s recent behavior has reignited discussions surrounding his readiness for significant bouts and his ability to maintain focus outside of the ring.

The incident also fueled further speculation and banter among fans, with Canelo supporters seizing the opportunity to taunt Benavidez and draw comparisons to their boxing idol.

As the boxing world awaits developments, the tension between Benavidez and Canelo continues to simmer, with the prospect of a showdown looming on the horizon.

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