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Ben Davison Praises Ngannou's Trainer as Anthony Joshua Gears Up for a 'Real Fight' on March 8

In a surprising turn of events, Francis Ngannou’s successful boxing debut against Tyson Fury has shifted the narrative surrounding his skills in the ring. The former UFC heavyweight champion, who defied expectations in his debut match, is now set to face two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua on March 8.

Ngannou’s odds for this upcoming bout are around 4/1, a significant decrease from his debut against Fury. Joshua’s trainer, Ben Davison, expresses confidence in Ngannou’s abilities, citing his trainer Dewey Cooper’s strategic prowess. Cooper, known for his well-thought-out gameplan against Fury, has caught the attention of Davison.

“Dewey Cooper is a coach that looks like he does his homework,” says Davison. “My respect went up for him even more after the Ngannou fight against Fury. I’m sure they’ll put together a good plan, knowing not to be as reckless, considering the power of both fighters.”

While some question the value of a fight with Ngannou for Joshua’s resume, Davison sees it differently. “Ngannou made a real statement when he boxed Tyson; it’s a real fight,” he asserts, emphasizing the credibility Ngannou brings to the ring.

Addressing potential challenges, Davison dismisses concerns about Joshua’s performance against southpaws, pointing to his recent victory over Otto Wallin. With the tape of Ngannou’s bout against Fury, Davison sees it as an advantage but stresses the need for serious preparation.

“He [Joshua] is a true professional, takes his job very seriously. It’s a serious fight, and the job needs to be done properly,” Davison asserts.

Regarding tactics for the fight, Davison cautions against a reckless approach from Ngannou, advising a patient strategy. “A patient guy who can punch really hard – that’s what makes Ngannou a handful,” he explains.

Reflecting on working with Joshua, Davison commends the boxer’s coachability and emphasizes the importance of trust. As the anticipation builds for the March 8 showdown, Davison remains optimistic about their collaboration, gearing up for what promises to be an intense and unpredictable battle in the heavyweight division.

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