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Bellew Responds to Froch's Exhibition Fight Challenge: "He Wouldn't See the Final Bell"

The boxing world is buzzing with a potential exhibition matchup between former champions Tony Bellew and Carl Froch!

Tony Bellew
Tony Bellew

Both Bellew, a former cruiserweight champion, and Froch, a super middleweight champion, have hinted at a comeback in recent times. Now, Bellew has addressed Froch’s challenge for an exhibition fight, and it seems the “Bomber” is ready to rumble – for the right price!

Bellew’s Take:

In a conversation with Spinbet, Bellew didn’t shy away from the challenge, confidently predicting his victory:

“Was Carl Froch really joking? You really never know with Carl. I don’t know what the price would be to get me in the ring to fight Carl in an exhibition, but it wouldn’t go the distance I can tell you that much.” (Bellew to Spinbet)

The Money Talks:

Bellew acknowledged the financial aspect of a potential fight, emphasizing the importance of a lucrative offer:

“Never say never. It wouldn’t take place at Goodison Park, but Carl wouldn’t see the final bell let me tell you that. If somebody offers me the right price, then I’m sorry to say that I am fighting again. Everybody has a price and everyone on social media can say what they like but if everybody needs to get paid and if they offer the right price then you do it and get on it.” (Bellew to Spinbet)

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