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Barry McGuigan's Boxing Ventures Face Liquidation!

Barry McGuigan’s boxing endeavors, Cyclone Promotions and McGuigan’s Gym, seem headed for liquidation as creditor meetings loom in the New Year. Both entities have signaled financial difficulties, hinting at imminent resolution processes in London.

Cyclone Promotions, a promotional company, and McGuigan’s Gym, founded by the boxing legend’s family, are facing the prospect of liquidation. Public notices indicate upcoming creditor meetings for both businesses, highlighting their financial challenges.

The McGuigan family’s ventures have enjoyed prominence in the boxing world, with Cyclone Promotions involved in organizing significant boxing events. However, the notice of creditor meetings suggests financial hurdles that could lead to the liquidation of these ventures.

Scheduled in London for the coming week, these meetings mark a pivotal moment for both Cyclone Promotions and McGuigan’s Gym. The future of these entities hangs in the balance as discussions regarding their financial standings unfold.

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Three-word Sentence: Boxing’s Financial Trouble.

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