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Barry McGuigan Slams Devin Haney as 'Weight Cheat' Over Shocking Jump in Weight Gain!

Former featherweight world champion Barry McGuigan condemns unbeaten American boxer Devin Haney as a ‘weight cheat’ following revelations of an astounding weight surge between the weigh-in and his recent fight night.

Haney’s victory over Regis Prograis to secure the WBC super-lightweight title marked a remarkable achievement, elevating him to a two-division conqueror at just twenty-five-years-old. However, concerns arose when reports unveiled an astonishing 25lbs gain in weight between the official weigh-in and the actual fight, raising eyebrows about his ability to make the lightweight limit.

While fighters typically rehydrate after weigh-ins, Haney’s significant weight increase had fans questioning how he managed to meet the lightweight criteria. The drastic weight surge, unsanctioned by the WBC but contrary to the IBF’s guidelines, has cast doubt on potential future matchups, particularly a showdown with lightweight sensation Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

Haney’s challenge to Davis, without a rehydration clause and suggesting a probable discrepancy in their in-ring weights, has stirred controversy and uncertainty around their potential fight. McGuigan’s criticism of Haney adds fuel to the debate, drawing attention to the practices and ethics in the world of boxing.

The unexpected surge in weight post-weigh-in raises questions about Haney’s ability to compete within the lightweight limit and could potentially impact future negotiations and matchups, leaving fans and the boxing community intrigued about the implications for Haney’s future bouts.

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